Installing to an iPad requires you to 'sideload' the software because the iPad version of Excel does not currently have a store search facility.

'Sideloading' is done via iTunes. The first step is to plug your iPad into your Mac or PC and load up iTunes.

Your iPad icon should now show. Click on this to access your iPad.

You now need to 'Sideload' (add) the following two files to Excel for iPad, as per the screen shot above:

A. v8-developer-master.xltx

B. v8developer.xml (Note this is in a zip file so that you can download it.)

Once you have done the above, synchronised your iPad and then you will then see that you can open them from Excel as follows:
  • Open Excel
  • Go to the File Open folder, select the iPad option and then you should see the template.
  • You may see a message about 'Unsupported Content'. Ignore this. This is just split windows etc.
  • Go to Sheet1 (left hand spreadsheet)
  • Select the Insert Tab
  • Click the 'Add-ins' button (blue)
  • Select 'Caldes...'
  • Wait until you the system has started.
  • You will then need to log-in if this is your first time around. Follow the log-in instructions. This might take a minute or so.
  • You should then see a message saying 'Welcome to Caldes V8 Developer'
  • Go to the 'File' icon (second from left top left corner) and click 'Duplicate'
  • Give the file a new name e.g. CALDES TEMPLATE. This needs to be your template file.
  • Press 'Duplicate'
  • Do not save over this file (if you do, repeat above.) Always duplicate this file each time you start a new project. Excel for iPad does not currently have a Template file option.

  • Click here to go back to the downloads page and continue with Step 3 on that page.

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